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❝ It gives me strength to have somebody to fight for; I can never fight for myself, but, for others, I can kill.
—Emilie Autumn, The Asylum for Wayward Victorian Girls (via quoted-books)
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Imagine finding a random little box on your kitchen table one morning. Inside is a pocket sized version of your favorite character who fits in the palm of your hand and has a high pitched voice.

/heavy fainting

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Script Writing


mysterioussauerkraut asked you:

I love your blog and as much as I like the information you have already supplied, I am more into writing scripts than books. Do you have anything on script writing, anything at all?

Script Frenzy has a bunch of resources for beginners.


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When someone asks me which books I want for Christmas:



And when they demand a list of specific titles:


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Having been on tumblr off and on for about three years, I thought I’d share some of my favorite add-ons and such to help enhance the experience for everyone else. It floors me how many people are unaware of xkit, and too many gorgeous theme makers don’t get enough attention. So here’s my list! In the future I intend to accumulate graphic makers as well, so keep an eye out.


Combining the awesome blacklist program of Tumblr Savior with dozens of others, Xkit is a great way to enhance your experience on tumblr. It allows you to reblog straight from your dash, add tags live, and much more. Definitely recommended. 

Archive Poster

So you found a new blog you love, but it’s going to take hours to go through and queue up all the posts you love. This Chrome add-on is for you - simply add it to your browser, go to someone’s archive ( and select as many posts as you want. From there, select a blog from the drop-down (main or side), and whether you want to post it, draft it, queue, etc. This goes GREAT with the queue shuffler option from Xkit. 


One of my favorite music players, Streampad syncs up with your blog and automatically adds every audio post you reblog to a playlist. 


By entering your url, you can browse every audio post you’ve ever made. There are also a lot of awesome blogs that post nothing but music, allowing you to have an automatic playlist of amazing music from fantastic blogs.


Scmplayer is a music player for your blog or page that allows you to add your favorite songs by link in an easy to do list.

theme hunter
Need a new theme? A blogroll page? About me? Theme Hunter has them all, well organized, allowing you to search dozens if not hundreds of themes and pages in no time.

blogroll theme makers

themesbyjames - great photo collage blogs and landscapes. /// benizora - gorgeous verticals and bitchin sidebars. /// atlas designs - beautiful, simplistic horizontal blogs and collage type set ups. /// everlark - lots of nifty sidebars / headers for personal blogs. /// imaginedragons - simplistic themes and a few nice fandom oriented designs /// more themes /// starious - friggin awesome resource blog / theme maker. ///

si13nce theme by atlas designs. feel free to message witchmire with questions.
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